Motorboating Outlaw T-Shirt

Customized Outlaw T-Shirts (Dark Heather Gray)--Join the ranks of legendary motorboating outlaws and get yerself one of these custom tees. Upload your own mugshot during checkout, and our team of bandits will issue your personalized warrant! 


We will be donating 20% of the proceeds to help the good guys, our courageous healthcare workers, who have been displaying true grit.



Motorboating Outlaw T-Shirt

  • So… you can’t use a motorized boat to go fishing. Well disgruntled cowboy, use that extra time for something useful. Become a motorboating outlaw, while still obeying the law, and forget about that bad medicine. Share your best mugshot and help spread awareness of the sad day when fishing from a motorized boat was temporarily outlawed. We have designed this good t-shirt to commemorate this bad and ugly day.


    And while you are legally being an outlaw you will also be supporting our courageous healthcare workers. We will be donating 20% of the proceeds to help the good guys who have been displaying true grit. 


    Be smart, avoid the boodle and stay at home or keep your distance. If you want to share your personal space and good fishing stories… share them with the people in your household or use this new thing called the internet. And if you decide to travel outside into the wild west... cover your face like a good outlaw should. Be safe and outlaw on!