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Captain Travis White, Owner

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I am a passionate outdoorsman and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with my clients through guided fishing excursions. Having grown up on the water, I've spent a significant part of my life honing my angling skills and learning the waters of the Northern Great Lakes. I first started guiding in 2009 for the anadromous trout and salmon of the St. Mary's River, which connects Lake Superior to the lower Great Lakes. I moved to the Western Upper Peninsula to pursue an engineering degree from Michigan Tech, which is when I  began to explore the open waters of Lake Superior and learn about the big lake trout and salmon that inhabit this region. I became enamored by the incredible scenery of this region and the endless expanse of fresh water, where it is literally possible to fish for days without encountering another boat. Keweenaw Charters was established in 2014, and I am ecstatic to see the growth of this venture and grateful for the amazing clients and friends I've met during this time.

In 2013 I upgraded my USCG issued Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels license to a 50-ton Master credential, which has allowed me to spend part of my time on the water as Captain for Michigan Tech's Research Vessel, R/V Agassiz. As a research engineer at the Great Lakes Research Center, I spend much of my time "off the water" supporting freshwater science and marine engineering projects. This allows me to engage in scientific research being done on Lake Superior and has only increased my appreciation for the world's largest freshwater lake.

Captain Hunter King

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I am an all-around avid outdoor enthusiast, with an immense passion for Michigan’s lakes and rivers. Through years of exploration within the Great Lakes Basin, I have learned to love to share these remarkable resources with friends, family, and clients from all corners of the world. Originally from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, college brought me to the Upper Peninsula, where I have yet to be torn from.  Lake Superior and the vast Upper Peninsula forests have captivated me, and the fishing here is what has really made me enjoy this place so much.  Though guiding on and off for years, I began guiding with Keweenaw Charters in 2021 and have quickly caught on to the program for catching quality fish in the boundless Lake Superior. The beauty of Lake Superior scenery, trout and salmonids are worth sharing, and I am looking forward to sharing them with you and your crew!

We Look Forward to Fishing With You!

Our commitment to our clients is to provide a fun and safe experience on Lake Superior. Our vessels are inspected by the State of Michigan and approved for use as charter boats. We carry onboard all of the emergency and safety equipment required by the USCG plus additional safety items. We have the responsibility of making the gametime decisions that will ensure our passengers safety, and we will not leave the dock when it is not safe to do so. The electronics on our boats help to ensure that we have a constant awareness of dangerous weather and other hazards in realtime while on the water. We take pride in knowing when and where to take our clients in order to provide the greatest opportunity for a safe and productive fishing trip every time we leave the dock.

Ports that we fish include Houghton/Hancock, Portage Canal, L'Anse, Baraga, South Entry, Big Traverse, Lac La Belle (Bete Gris), Copper Harbor, Eagle Harbor, North Entry, Huron Bay, and Ontonagon.


Your captains look forward to meeting new folks and hope to have the opportunity to guide you on your next Lake Superior fishing trip. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have or to book your trip.

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