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The Keweenaw Peninsula is privileged with some of the best access to Lake Superior's nearshore and offshore trout and salmon fisheries. As a result anglers can expect opportunities at world class fish including lake trout in excess of 40 pounds, as well as other salmonids in the "double digits" (over 10 lbs). While not an everyday occurrence, there is an ever present possibility of hooking a trophy of this caliber any time there are lines in the water. 


One lesser understood fact about Lake Superior's cold, dark water is that it has has a significant impact on the growth rate of the trout and salmon that inhabit it. This large volume of water and relatively low fishing pressure allows some

native lake trout to live upwards of 50 years, during which time they grow as little as 0.5" per year and gain less than 1 pound per year. On average it takes Lake Superior's lake trout 7-8 years to reach maturity before they are able to reproduce. This first stage of the trout's life cycle has the highest growth rate--most of the native fish average 24-26" in length when they first reach maturity. After this stage their growth rate slows remarkably, and as they continue to age their table fare value decreases. For this reason combined with the important role these larger trout play in sustaining a healthy fishery, Keweenaw Charters practices catch, photograph, and release of trophy lake trout. All trophy fish that can be returned to the lake without injury are handled with care and released to prevent compromising the fishery.  


In contrast, the introduced species including coho (silver) salmon, chinook (king) salmon, pink salmon, steelhead (rainbow trout), splake, and brown trout grow much faster and have a much shorter life cycle than the native lake trout. Consequently, these fish all provide fantastic table fare, especially the coho and chinook salmon, which live no more than 4-5 years maximum. Most Lake Superior salmon average 4-10 pounds when mature--these fish contribute to a fantastic sport fishery all throughout the season. In addition anglers have an opportunity to catch a variety of other species including steelhead, brown trout and splake (hybrid species). These other salmonids can attain sizes greater than 30 inches in length or upward of 10 lbs. Keweenaw Charters promotes catch, photograph, and release of trophy size steelhead, splake, and brown trout (for the same reasons as above--these larger fish are older and less quality table fare versus the salmon and smaller size fish of these species).


Keweenaw Charters takes great pride in engaging in angling practices that will ensure a sustainable fishery and quality fishing opportunities for all anglers that share the great resources that are available on Lake Superior. To accomplish these objectives, it is important to limit the catch versus catch a limit and educate others on these values when spending quality time on the water. 

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